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About Chris Tzaros

For whatever reason, Australian animals, especially birds, have captured my imagination since I was a kid growing up in the bush in central Victoria. Watching birds and other creatures in their wild environment has always provided me with enjoyment and it has introduced me to the beauty of the natural world.


After years of casual observation of nature, I guess it wasn’t surprising that photography eventually became a part of my ever growing passion for wildlife. Working as a professional conservation practitioner for over twenty-five years, photography provides a means by which I can extend my deep personal interest with my work - it is indeed a privilege to be able to combine my passion with my career.


Being able to work with wildlife and people, and using photography to engage people and raise the profile of wild animals and the issues affecting them, is deeply motivating and gives me an opportunity to give something back to my feathered, furred and scaly friends.


Sharing my images with others and reliving experiences of capturing great moments in special places not only gives me enormous pleasure but also more excuses to set off into the bush again to find the next great moment.

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